Singapore door repair Services provide Door repair and replacement service, for Main doors, Main Gates balcony Sliding doors, folding doors and swing doors. Sometimes such doors are used in the interior as a partition to the kitchen, Wardrobe doors and cabinet doors, Shops offices and Building Lobby Entrance doors repair Specialists. Call us today to get your job done.

Glass Swing Door Repair

Glass Swing Door repair for Office Main Entrance Door. Replace the new Door closer and Realignment the Door for Proper Functioning. make sure the Door is Safe to use and Safe for the user.

Cabinet Door repair service

Cabinet Door Repair service, Replace New hinges for the door. He is using Soft closer hinges to Minimize the sound and Keep the door reasonable from damage. An Expert Handyman can make your home A beautiful Living Place.

Main door Lock Repair & Replacement

More Important & daily use of Main door Lock , Its Very Important for every one, After use a period door Locks spoil, We are here for Repair your Door & Replace New door locks for you, Any type of door lock we supply & Installation.

Kitchen Cabinet damage By Water

The kitchen Cabinet was damaged By Water, Wooden base all damage needs to replace with new wooden, Solid surface is bent due to being too old and the wooden base spoiled.

Swing Door Repair

Replacement of parts for residential and commercial swing doors,
Lock Singapore Door Repair for residential swing door parts and replacements can be just a Single Call.

Balcony & Window Glass Door Repair.

We are here for window glass repair is a task that can be done quickly and efficiently with the right tools and techniques.
Our professional technicians can handle the job very quickly and carefully to make your home and office safe living places.

Glass Swing Door Repair

Glass swing door repair fixes issues with swinging glass doors. A professional service can diagnose and fix problems, replace damaged glass, and ensure proper swinging.

Windows Hinges Repair

Window hinge repair services fix issues with opening and closing windows. A professional can diagnose and fix problems, replace damaged parts, and lubricate moving components for proper functioning.

Sliding Door Repair

Sliding door repair services fix issues with sliding doors, ensuring their proper functioning. A professional repair service can diagnose and fix problems, replace damaged parts, and lubricate tracks to keep the sliding door in top condition.

Lock Repair & Replacement

Lock repair and replacement services enhance security. A locksmith can fix issues or replace locks with more secure ones, ensuring the safety of your property.

Additional services

  • Handyman and carpentry works
  • Electrical and plumbing work
  • Plaster and painting works
  • Flooring and polishing work
  • Drilling and decoration works
  • Reinstatement & Renovation works

Wooden door repair Singapore.

Obvious Signs Your Wood Door Needs Repairing services

Even the best-made wood doors will eventually succumb to age and wear and tear. However, if you are proactive in identifying the problem beforehand and suggesting the best solution for it, then you’re good to go. One of the best ways to avoid further damage to your wood door is to notice any of the following signs appearing.

  • Does your wooden door have cracks & holes appearing on the surface?
  • Are there any gaps between the door frame and the door?
  • Is the door getting harder to open and close? Is the door dragging on the floor?
  • Do you see any daylight coming in from under or around your door?
  • Any door alignment issues?
  • Do you see any wood shavings or sawdust around the door?
  • Termites affected your door and frame?
  • Is the paint / varnishing on your door peeling, chipping, or blistering?

If you’re dealing with any of the above-stated issues and want to fix the issue by a professional commercial door repair service team in Singapore , then Singapore Door Repair has the answer to all your door-related problems.

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